Oliver Kershaw

Vaping.com and Web Developer in London, United Kingdom

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I founded E-Cigarette Forum in 2007 after trying an e-cigarette and thinking: "this is incredible. But it's also poorly executed and needs to be improved." My website has served as the hub for the rapid innovation seen since then and remains the world's most visited vaping-specific website. Little did I know then what would help start.

Since then I've been on an immense adventure - one which has taken me round the globe, sharing my insights with others who believe in harm reduction, and witnessing the extraordinary opposition to the products AND social movement which is vaping. Taken together, by any rational measure, this is the best chance of ending smoking to have emerged for decades.

For me, William Gibson's quote: "the future's already here - it's just not very evenly distributed yet" sums up where vaping is currently. My life goal is to help ensure that all smokers have access to good vaping products, that innovation continues, that vested interests which oppose the movement are defeated, and that vaping completely replaces smoking in the next decade.

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